A Poetic Attempt: The Coral Self

Reason prevails on the surface of human mind;
Dig deeper into the soul, however,
Spirits lurk from the darkest places:
Welcome to the kingdom of the Mystic!

In our day to day prosaic memorized lives
Practice as we may reason to the fullest,
The inexplicable, contrary to reason, impulse,
Not fails to announce proudly its formidable presence.

The saint in us thus not remains completely forgotten,
Once or twice through the hardened channel of reason,
Mysticism makes its way out;
The soul capitulates to the supernatural.

Stiff solid rock that is our reasoned self
Contaminates itself with prehistoric microbes;
A stranger will feel only the rock, alas!
But the true self knows it’s a coral underneath, pulsating billions of mystic lives.

(October 2, 2015)

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